a fast-paced, casual strategy game.
built by AI.

Empire Gambit is an update to the ancient board game latrones. Challenge your wits in this fast-paced battle for position. 

Minerva, The Fate Teller

Step into the realm of ancient wisdom and divine guidance with Minerva. Engage in captivating conversations with this ethereal oracle, as she unveils the secrets of your destiny. From the depths of time and knowledge, Minerva will read your fortune and offer insights that transcend the ordinary. Are you ready to unlock the secrets that the goddess of war and wisdom holds? Embrace the enigmatic allure of Minerva, The Fate Teller.

Empire Gambit

Empire Gambit is the ultimate fusion of an ancient strategy game and disruptive technology. Generative AI algorithms create a fun, dynamic, and immersive gameplay experience that changes every time you play.

In Closed Alpha

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